Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where oh where did their Genealogy Records go?

Gov. John Reynolds St. Clair Illinois

William G. Livingstone, Lt. Commdr., US Navy, of Pasadena, CA, and Palma Scheumack of Pine Arizona both did extensive reseach on the Reynolds line. They also ran across info on my Forgey line. The information regarding Hugh Forgey and his wife Catherine Fisher came from their research. Unfortunately they researched before computers and access to the info they collected is difficult. They have both passed away, and I have no idea where they may have deposited their research?
I have been trying to track down more info about Palma Schemack on the internet. There is surprisingly little about her on the internet. Sometimes you can locate relatives of someone at US Search even if they are deceased. No relations were listed for her? Could find no obituary either. Don't know her maiden name? I guess it may have been Reynolds? I checked one the the local genealogy societies where she lived : 
There are some references to Reynolds genealogies but nothing with her name on them. I would love to see what she collected regarding the Forgeys. Need to track these records down somehow?  
Some of William G. Livingstone's research is presented at the Reynolds Family Association website: . Unfortunately he does not list many sources.
Both the Reynolds Family (Hugh Forgey's mother was from this family) and the Fisher Family (Hugh Forgey's in-laws) migrated from Tennessee to southwestern Illinois. Hugh Forgey's cousin John Reynolds became Governor of Illinois in 1830 (see picture above). He was a member of the US House of Representatives from 1834 to 1837 and 1839 to 1843.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History- Sweets

I was definitely a sugar addict when I was  child! My suppliers generally brought truckloads of sweets right to the curb in front of my house. Namely the ice cream man and the Helms Bakery truck man. The trucks certainly moved slow in  front of my house :D. They knew a good customer when they saw one! Being an only child I had money to spend. I remember fondly the Pixy sticks, sheets of salt water taffy, wacky packs (pictured right), and candy necklaces. 
Strange Things Children Eat
I remember when I couldn't satisfy my pixy stick addiction with the real thing I would eat Jello Powder. That was against the rules in my house because it could turn into a messy sticky glue like substance when wet. I wonder if anyone was able to get it off the garage floor in our old house?
I also ate water softner salt at a neighbor's house. I still recall how it burned going down. I often wonder whether that did any permanent damage?
I also remember daring a little boy named Jason to drink a bottle of perfume :D. I did not think he actually would, but he did. Don't know how he felt later?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Sale Bible

About 25 years ago at a Whittier Public Library Book Sale I purchased a bible for 50 cents. I bought it because I was so moved by the entries of  the family births and deaths. Godfrey Engstrum died only 4 weeks after his birth at 2 am; very sad. There is no surname listed in the bible.  Now with the help of the internet I am able to learn more about the family who owned this bible :). The inside cover reads "To Victor from Mother 1880." Using the name Victor, the childrens' names and their place of residence I was able to find the family on the 1900 Census and discover their surname Engstrum.  I found a biographical sketch for the Lawrence Emmanuel listed above at

I have also found Victor and his wife's tombstone picture at find-a-grave

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun at the Cemetery...

Elizabeth Taylor's burial at Forest Lawn Glendale brought back a lot of memories for my mother and I. My mother's family, the Forgeys, basically lived next door to Forest Lawn in the 1930's. The cemetery was a source of entertainment for the family. My grandmother Forgey would take walks through the cemetery with her children. My grandmother Forgey loved the movies and occasionally they would spot a movie star visiting a grave or even see famous people attending a funeral.
My mother and her siblings often played at the cemetery and sometimes took flowers off the graves and gave them to my grandmother :D. They could be naughty! One of the most interesting stories is how they were locked in the cemetery when they stayed too long one evening. Sounds like the 5 Forgey children were having a jolly time stealing flowers etc. and forgot the time. When they discovered they got locked in they walked all over the cemetery looking for another way out. When it started getting dark they became frightened about bats possibly attacking them and ghosts coming out to the graves. My mother talked about how they started getting panicky and got their shoes stuck in the flower holders. Luckily my grandparents noticed their absence and contacted the cemetery attendant who searched for them. The group was very happy to see the attendant and they all piled into his truck. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Picture Mystery and Future Book

I have been doing some picture research using the 1930 Census for Glendale California. The picture above is a favorite of mine even though I don't know who the person is. It's a photo of a neighbor of my Forgey Family when they lived on Acacia Street in Glendale California. After looking at the Census I've narrowed down her identity to two possible neighbor girls Dorris M. Wollard b. 1922 or Mary Wright? My mother told me that there was a blood stain on that porch where she is sitting. There was a rumor that it was stained when someone died there? They could not get the stain off.
I attended Lisa Alzo's webinar Life Stories: How to Write a Compelling Family History Narrative  . It was very good! I really enjoyed it! If I can just get one more generation back on the Forgey line I will definitely write a digital book :). Her advice about using national, local and personal history will create a great frame work for the book. Using a timeline and having a goal in mind will also help steer me in the right direction. I might start laying out a book, but wait until I nail down the final generation before publishing.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Interesting Find

Holston Territory Genealogical Society
I made this new find at google books. I have found a probate reference for a John Forgey on a Hawkins County TN Probate index in 1793. I wonder if the person referred to here as John Forges is the same person? Or is this transcription wrong and the person living adjacent to Hugh really Andrew Forgey? I need to locate the original deed. The lack of surviving records makes identification of John Forgey very difficult. There is only a reference to the probate the actual probate records no longer can be found. Who this John Forgey was and his relationship to the other Forgeys is a mystery? Definitely more research needs to be done in the deed records!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History- Movies

I would have to say that Gosford Park ties with Gone with the Wind as number 1 favorite movies. I also enjoyed the Harry Potter movies, and old classics such as A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and I Remember Mama. I never really enjoyed going to the movie theater to see a movie very much. I've always preferred the comfortable surroundings of home. My father wanted me to see his favorite childhood movie the Wizard Of OZ in a movie theater. He took me to the Star Movie Theater in La Puente in the 1970's, and I do remember enjoying that experience! My mother and her family went to that same theater to see movies in the 1940's and 1950's. Sadly it later became a XXX Theater.
The Star Theater La Puente

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Identifying Possible Sources & Inspiration

I feel liked I've earned some fun reading time after that long research marathon :D. The embedded preview above is one of the books I am really enjoying! Laura Ingles Wilder and her books sparked my interest in history and family history. I am also reading The Appalachian Frontier.
I have been also thinking about possible future research. Some thoughts about possible sources. I didn't know that Knox County was formed from portions Greene County and Hawkins County, TN. I should check Greene County records.
I was also thinking I need to locate manuscript collections.
Biographies for neighboring families might contain source material.
More research in Court Records in both Randolph and Knox County, TN.

I am always looking for cousins who may have sources in their homes.
The TSLA has a manuscript collection have not found the Surname Forgey mentioned in any of the family collections.
More records collections in Tennessee:
The Draper papers are an important Tennessee source

Monday, March 21, 2011

Genealogy Marathon

Yesterday was the rainy Los Angeles Marathon. I feel like I have been on a genealogy marathon the last few months. After the holidays I plunged back into genealogy with full zeal. I joined the Second Life Genealogy community where I got many great tips and was inspired to make an extra effort to knock down my brickwalls.
My renewed zeal has paid off :D! I have made great progress on my brickwalls and met several goals this year already. Since receiving the sources from Scotland a couple of weeks ago I have put in many hours a day verifying these sources. It's been a real genealogy marathon. I met my goal regarding finding the source for the marriage of Hugh Forgey and Catherine Fisher (which was the will).

The Sassy Jane blogger posted some wonderful links to Chicago City Directories which helped me meet another goal. My Mason family did not appear on the 1910 Census for Chicago. I have been searching for them in that Census for years. I was able to find my great-grandfather Fred G. Mason in the City Directory for 1910. Last night I looked at the Census again using the address I found but still no luck. According to the Directory the family lived in a rear unit so they were likely missed for that reason. Sadly that was the only Census the entire family would have appeared  on. Fred Mason died of TB in 1917. I found his widow Helen listed in 1923. It lists her as widow of Fred.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

This Just In....

The reason John Fisher could not act as executor for his father Archibald is he was "killed when stabbed in the back by Michael Dillngham in a dispute arising over a card game." He died on 20 Dec 1804 in Hopkinsville KY.

The Envelope Please...

When I finally got my hands on the envelope from the Randolph County Clerks office I RIPPED IT OPEN! It did read as I hoped that Catherine Forgey was the daughter of Archibald Fisher here is an excerpt:

However as I read on I became very confused again because a paragraph after the will stated that Archibald Fisher died intestate??? Didn't I just read the will :D? This was cleared up on the third page when the administrator John Beard stated the following "Archibald Fisher....appointed his son John Fisher Executor of the said will + the said John dying before the death of the said Arch the subscriber did not believe it necessary to prove the said will but having been lately informed that the said will aught to have been proved + letters of adminstration granted..." (can't make out the rest). So the will was later brought to the court and filed in the Deed book L.
The moral is there still may be a will even if the person was said to have died intestate.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sorry Wrong Office

I originally contacted the wrong office for a copy of Archibald's Will.l I forgot to call them off the search, SORRY!
Anyway she agreed with me that the file in her office seems to point to NO Will. The 22 pages of documents which were filed in a box are difficult to interpret. They do use the term Executor which points to a Will? As the email states below there seems  to a reference to the absence of a Will?
I thought I was losing my mind when I missed the existence of a will :D.  It makes me feel better that the Clerk of the Court  was confused too :D. 

"To date I have found a will for Archibald Fisher who died Sept. 18, 1878.  I have found a file for an Archibald Fisher who likely died in 1805 but there is no will.  There is a Court document that seems to refer to the absence of a will.  I could provide that record to you.  There is a cost of $4.00 for the search of that year and a cost of $2.00 for the copies that would be needed (4 page document).  You can send a check of money order made payable to the Randolph County Circuit Clerk and I will forward the document to you."

Barb Brown
Clerk of the Court


Friday, March 18, 2011

Decisions and Discrepancies

Pondering some new facts that have come to light. Someone badly miscalutated the date that my great-grandmother Isis Browning-Forgey wrote the letter I transcribed below. They had 15 Nov 1907. I never noticed that before. I knew that Isis was born on 27 Nov 1869 according to her death Certificate. She said she was writing the letter the day before Thanksgiving and her birthday. I looked to see what day Thanksgiving fell on in 1907. It fell on the 28th. So it looks like I might have the wrong day of birth for her? I guess I should track down more sources for her birth date.
I did do some Patrick Mullen research. I am searching for a death record using the Civil Registration Index for Ireland at I thought there was just one possibility but actually there are 3 :(. One is for a Pat Mullin which is the way he sometimes signed his name.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Planning on doing some Patrick Mullen research today. I believe I may have found his death date on the familysearch  index for 1929? Both Patrick and Mary Mullen were alive in 1911, see census below. Hoping that the 1926 Census for Ireland is released soon :)!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History- Illness and Injury

Written by my great grandmother Isis Browning-Forgey (pictured with her sister right, right)
Ewing, Jackson County Indiana Nov. 27 1907 (she died a few months later of TB)
"I am writing these few lines this beautiful morning to express my last wants and wishes as to who of my friends I wish to take possession of my remains after my Spirit has flown to a world unknown where the veil shall be lifted and what has been such mysteries in this world to us will be revealed and the mist shall be cleared away and we shall know as we are known. And our Dear Savior has told us in my father's house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you, so that where I am, there you may be also. Now I am going to tell the wish that is dearest to my heart of anything in this world is that some sweet day I may be able to stand on the banks of the New Jerusalem and clasp glad hands with each and everyone that is near and dear to me in this world. Husband and children, mother, sisters, brothers, neighbors and friends wherever they may be scattered over this great world of ours. I ask each and every one of you that have been mentioned in these lines where I have asked you as my last requests to see to my wishes when I am no more, for each and every one to ever be ready to speak a kind and cheering word to companion my children and put out a hand to check them if you see they are drifting away. Stop and ask them if they have forgotten all Mother's advice and teachings. Under the circumstances that came in contact with my short life here, I have done my best to make them know and understand that each of us has a soul to save and each of us has to save ourselves. Day before Thanksgiving and I am feeling weak and bad, had a bad night of it last night. Tomorrow will be my 38th birthday, the last one I ever expect to see. The ones I have selected to get me ready for burial are Eunice Hudson, Florence Hughes, Mary Bell, Bell Bower. My clothes will all be ready except dress and slippers. I want a black robe, to not cost over $15.00 and black cloth slippers. My casket I want to be neat , but not too expensive. I prefer Mr. Zable as undertaker. I want to be taken to the Methodist church. As my pall bearers I want Rose Jackson, Addie Parker, Laura Braden, Ella Mann, Rose Myers,and Laura Rotert. For ushers I want Sherman Jackson and Sam Braden. I want Charlie Tinch to play the organ. I want him to select his own choir and songs. I want all my near relatives and friend notified. I don't want to be put away too quick or kept too long. I want Alice Braden to stay with Inez every bit she possibly can and cheer her up so she won't feel so lonesome.

Tell them all not to grieve for me unnecessarily. I would rather have Brother Smith than any minister I know of, but if it is not convenient to get him, the Methodist preacher at Freetown will do. I would not like to be buried in the new Freetown cemetery. I would much rather be put in the old one, although if they want to put Mona there they may lay me beside her. The chapter I want read is the 2nd chapter of First Corinthians."

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What other records are available?

I was able to locate another bit of info which was listed on group sheet Archibald's daughter's grave Mary Fisher-Steele. It says that she was born 61 years and five months before her death on 18 May 1819. She is older than I estimated her sister Catherine Fisher-Forgey to be.
I have been looking for more info on available records for Tennessee. I have found this outline to be the best so far . If anyone has an outline with more resources please let me know? 

1. I have looked at New Providence Presbyterian Church records for Hawkins County, TN (which Brian French transcribed)
2. Court minutes for both Knox County and Hawkins County.
3. Land records for both Hawkins and Knox.
4. Marriage Records for all of Tennessee
5. Cemetery Records available on internet for all of Tennesseee
6. The Newspaper the Knoxville Gazette
7. Partial Taxlists Knox and Hawkins Counties
8. Published Reynold Family Letters and the writings of Hugh Forgey Crawford (Forgey was his middle-name; transcribed by Kenneth Edmondson)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Archibald Fisher Timeline

Waiting for mail again :D! It sounds like the Will is the only source document regarding the marriage of  Hugh Forgey and  Catherine Fisher. The Archibald Fisher Will is going to be a great source document, and may have some additional leads. Anxious to get it!
Made the following timeline based on internet research using the Robert Crawford Robertson group sheet sources (I just noticed that Archibald has a wife named Jane in 1777):
Kegley's Virginia frontier: the beginning of the Southwest

Chronicles of the Scotch -Irish Settlement in Virginia 
Kegley's Virginia frontier: the beginning of the Southwest

It sounds like Archibald Fisher received a warrant for land in Sullivan County, TN in 1780.
He received a grant for land in Sullivan County, TN in 1784.
He sold this land in 1788: William Gross in 1788 paid Archibald Fisher "130 pounds cash" for 300 acres in Hawkins County.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Special Report

The Will I am looking for is not in the Will book but the deed book. "The early deed books contain some marriages, wills, powers of attorney." Deed book L covers the time period in question Deeds v. L-M 1804-1815. Will book L covers the wrong time period.
I've been reading through the 22 pages of probate documents I have. Archibald Fisher's estate was handled initially like an intestate probate. Evidently a Will was discovered at some point and recorded with the deeds. 

Will or Administration????

As I noted a few days ago  Robert Crawford Robertson stated that one of his sources was a copy of  Archibald's Will. A year ago I received 22 pages of what I thought was an intestate administration? Oddly the reference I found to Hugh Forgey did mention a Will? So I had felt that maybe I had not received everything available, which has now been confirmed. I found another reference to a Will yesterday at google books, see snippet Below ( from Branching out from St. Clair County, Illinois, page 101). According to that the names of Archibald's sons-in-law are mentioned. At least I infer that two are because of what I have and this reference? Friday afternoon I emailed the Randolph County Court House and hope to receive a reply tomorrow.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tracking Down Sources

I have been earnestly tracking down the sources listed on that family group sheet I received. I took a break this morning and attended a webinar titled "Reasonably Exhaustive Search?". It was very good and that is certainly my goal.
I have been surprisingly successful tracking down the sources using the internet alone.
After locating and reading the passage, on page 313 of  A Combined History of Randolph, Monroe and Perry Counties, Il, I have had to change my opinion regarding whether Archibald was born in Scotland. I now believe it is more likely than not that he was born there:

Friday, March 11, 2011


I 've been analyzing the info I received yesterday. It was my understanding that the Stanley Valley TN area was originally part of North Carolina. Since receiving the info yesterday I have a different understanding. That area was also in the legal jurisdiction of Virginia.
 Robert Crawford Robertson sent a family group sheet with some sources to Scottish Genealogist Donald White in 1963. Some thoughts:

  1. I don't feel like he has proven that Archibald Fisher came from Scotland. If he had proof it has not been shared here. Archibald may have come from Ireland?
  2. He doesn't provide sources for all marriages.
  3. He was not able to link children to any specific mother.
  4. I was able to find Archibald Fitcher (Fisher)  listed on a transcription for the 1777 petition at the website

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Got Mail!

Received the letter I was waiting for from Scotland, YEAH! Much quicker than I expected :). It only took 3 days. I now realize that I didn't get the full probate record for Archibald Fisher last year. I received the probate documents from Box 37. The researcher who provided the info for the book had pages 1 and 2 from Record book L. So I will need to try to locate this Record Book. The odd thing is this book looks like it is from the 20th Century?
The references Robert Crawford Robertson used:
1. Chronicles of the Scotch -Irish Settlement in Virginia Vol. pgs 140, 345, 351 + 353. Vol 3 pgs. 127+450.
    Lyman Chalkley. Commonwealth Printing Co., Rosalyn, Va
2. Washington Co. Va. Petition to the Va. House of  Delegates, 6 Nov 1777. The East. Tenn. Hist. Soc.
    Pvt., Knoxville, Tenn. no 21 (1949) p 103-4.
3. Marriage bond between Archibald Fisher and Elizabeth Sharp. 11 Dec 1797, Knoxville, Tenn.
    (photostat in possession of the person submitting this sheet)
4. Illustrated Historical Atlas Map of Randolph Co., Ill  P 54. W. R. Briute + Co. 1875
5. Continued History of Randolph , Monroe and Perry Cos., Ill. p 313. J. L. Mc Donnogh + Co. 1883
6. Will of Archibald Fisher. Record Book L, p 1-2, Records Office, Chester (Randolph Co) Ill., K
7. Records for the Term of Court, Christian Co., Ky. Mar 1805. Gisher- Dillingham  P 156- 163. Court 
    House, Hopkinsville, Ky.
8. Pioneer Families of Randolph + Perry Counties, Illinois (corrected copies only - p 33 a)
    Privately printed Robert Crawford Robertson M.D. 1961.

Archibald Fisher lived in Augusta Co. VA, 1767- 1773 where he owned land; in Stanley Valley, Hawkins Co., Tenn. (then Washington Co. Va.) where he owned land in 1777 signed the second petition to Va. by north of Holston (River) men? ; in Knoxville, Tenn. where he ? (4)+ owned land; and abt. 1802 moved to Randolph Co., Ill., settling in Springfield Township on nine mile creek just west of Kaskaskia River near the present town of Ellis Grove, where he developed a farm + died.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sorting through old emails

At the Sunday Second Life genealogy discussion Clarise suggested connecting genealogy emails with families and individuals in your Genealogy Software program etc. I have been very bad when it comes to managing my email accounts :(. So I have thousands of emails in 4 accounts. Most of  these are in the inbox. I am now forwarding most mail to gmail.  I have now set up email filters at gmail to filter unwanted mail from certain addresses. I have also set up family folders, or as gmail calls them labels,  for each family plus a general genealogy folder. I plan on keeping the boxes tidy now :D.
I am now going to read through and copy them to my genealogy program notes. I have messages going back to 1999. An example of some great info I received via email,  from Ireland, with wonderful family info:
Hello. My name is John Huane. I am 13 years old.I am the son of Patrica  and John Huane.After searching through your website I discovered I am a desendent of James Huane,Shanballybocht.He was my great,great,great grandad.His son Stephen is my great,great grandad and is buried in shanballybocht.He had a son called Thomas.He was mygreat grandad.He married Katie and they had 6 children.Treasa,Patrick,Thomas,Stephen,James and John.My grandad was John.He married Nora and they had 5 children.Thomas,Celia,Mary,Peter-James and John.They also had another son that died after birth.My dad is John who married Patrica and they have two children, me and my sister Niamh.If you want more imfortmation just email.Thanks very much.John

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In Search of Cousins

I'm always looking to make contact with cousins. You never now what you will find. One of my distant cousins was executed (see death cert. below).
I've been tracking down all of the children of Andrew Forgey and two other men I believe to be his brothers. I have had no luck tracking down descendants of James D. Owens.
 Andrew Forgey Cousin Contact List (Since Andrew Forgey had 15 children I still have many descendants to find)
Descendants of
  1. James Forgey
  2. Elizabeth Anne Forgey
  3. Amos Forgey
  4. John Forgey
  5. Elias Forgey
  6. Clark Forgey
Archibald Forgey Cousin Contact List:
Descendants of:
  1. John A. Forgey
  2. Eleanor Forgey
  3. George Forgey

Monday, March 7, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History: Disasters

The picture above was taken in 1931 in Glendale California. California a place with it's share of natural disasters. My grandparent's Charles and Graciela Forgey settled in San Pedro California in 1925.
My grandmother Graciela (pictured left back row, see above) being a native of disaster prone Nicaragua often talked about the Volcano Momotombo which erupted in 1905 when she was a teenager. She remembered the ash raining down. However my favorite story was related to an earthquake she experienced when she was a teenager. My grandmother tended to be a high strung person (a trait I inherited from her). So I can imagine her panic when the earth started moving violently. She was in her family's home when the quake struck. When everything started coming down around her she began running for the door; the only thing she could grab was a picture of the Virgin Mary from the wall. When everything calmed down she noticed it was NOT a picture of the Virgin Mary after all , it was a picture of Simon Bolivar :D. Her family wondered of all things why would she save a picture of Simon Bolivar? They had a great laugh about it. I have always wondered what she did see in that picture? Was it some kind of apparition???

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Second Look Sunday

Sunday is a nice quiet day for taking a second look at some websites. When one of my Facebook friends found a War of 1812 land warrant image in the image patent section of the BLM GLO database  I took a second look and found this warrant for Andrew's probable brother Archibald Forgey.

I am not finding very much when I retry searches at ancestry and Familysearch . If you are past the vital records and the census stage these databases become a little less helpful. Family search however has now become very helpful regarding Nicaraguan records which I can't access any other way. Google books has become extremely helpful, specifically with county histories.
Time to do some re-researching :D. I think I will take a look again at the 1830 Census and make sure Hugh Forgey is not on it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where to next?

Hello Annette, 

Thank you for your payment,  the information you requested will be posted to you on the 6 march ‘11


Jan Rea

I just received this reply from the Scottish Genealogy Society regarding the source material I requested. Unfortunately it may take some time to get reply so I am brainstorming about other avenues of research in the mean time. It does appear that earlier researchers on the Forgey line have seen documents that I have not located. I have no idea what what the sources are? Need the marriage source for Hugh Forgey and Catherine Fisher, and names of children.

1. I have searched all of the microfilms available from FHCs for  Hawkins and Knox County, Tennessee, Lee County, VA and Scott County, VA for the time period in question.
2. I've also written to the Knox County Archives and received documents from their indexed sources (unfortunately not all records are indexed),
3. Of course I've done many hours of internet research :D.

What Next?
1. Keep researching on internet :D!
2. Catherine Fisher's father Archibald did leave probate records in Randolph County Illinois. He did mention her husband Hugh Forgey, but not Catherine. There may be more documents which I have not found, such as Court minutes?
3. I believe an Archibald Forgey may be my Andrew Forgey's brother. I found out from the BLM GLO that Archibald Forgey served in the War of 1812. I may find something more about his origins in those records?
4. I have not visited Tennessee and believe this might be the best way to solve this problem.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Working the problem

I have been working the Andrew Forgey parent problem from several angles. Collecting as much as I can from records generated in his lifetime is one strategy. The only thing I have gleaned from this is the fact that he was born in Tennessee, he consistently stated this in every census. I have located his obituary in the Davenport Iowa Democrat which states he was born in Knox County, Tennessee.
Another strategy has been to trace all 15 of his children in hopes that they may have mentioned the names of Andrew's parents. I have located some county history bios and obits. Only Elias mentions his father's origins:

So Elias echoes his father's Tennessee origins. I am glad that I tracked down the original book because a transcription I found somewhere else was wrong. I found out that if you request a copy of a page from a book it is best to use the librarian chat feature if it is available. The librarian scanned the page for me and I got it in an hour :D.
I've also worked the problem by searching his stated Tennessee birthplace records. By process of elimination I came up with Hugh Forgey and Catherine Fisher as probable parents. I have not found Catherine Fisher in any records generated during her lifetime. I have only found her mentioned in Donald Whyte's A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to the USA and Palma Carmen Scheumack's Reynolds family letters with the journal of Robert Bannon Reynolds. 
I have been able to find Hugh Forgey's probable father in records generated during his lifetime here is a timeline based on those records:  There are no censuses for eastern Tennessee before 1830.