Saturday, March 26, 2011

Picture Mystery and Future Book

I have been doing some picture research using the 1930 Census for Glendale California. The picture above is a favorite of mine even though I don't know who the person is. It's a photo of a neighbor of my Forgey Family when they lived on Acacia Street in Glendale California. After looking at the Census I've narrowed down her identity to two possible neighbor girls Dorris M. Wollard b. 1922 or Mary Wright? My mother told me that there was a blood stain on that porch where she is sitting. There was a rumor that it was stained when someone died there? They could not get the stain off.
I attended Lisa Alzo's webinar Life Stories: How to Write a Compelling Family History Narrative  . It was very good! I really enjoyed it! If I can just get one more generation back on the Forgey line I will definitely write a digital book :). Her advice about using national, local and personal history will create a great frame work for the book. Using a timeline and having a goal in mind will also help steer me in the right direction. I might start laying out a book, but wait until I nail down the final generation before publishing.

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