Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Identifying Possible Sources & Inspiration

I feel liked I've earned some fun reading time after that long research marathon :D. The embedded preview above is one of the books I am really enjoying! Laura Ingles Wilder and her books sparked my interest in history and family history. I am also reading The Appalachian Frontier.
I have been also thinking about possible future research. Some thoughts about possible sources. I didn't know that Knox County was formed from portions Greene County and Hawkins County, TN. I should check Greene County records.
I was also thinking I need to locate manuscript collections.
Biographies for neighboring families might contain source material.
More research in Court Records in both Randolph and Knox County, TN.

I am always looking for cousins who may have sources in their homes.
The TSLA has a manuscript collection http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/history/manuscripts/manu.htm have not found the Surname Forgey mentioned in any of the family collections.
More records collections in Tennessee: http://www.tennessee.gov/tsla/aps/vc/vc-directoryacademic.pdf
The Draper papers are an important Tennessee source http://arcat.library.wisc.edu/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?SAB1=draper+manuscripts&BOOL1=as+a+phrase&FLD1=Keyword+Anywhere+%28GKEY%29&GRP1=AND+with+next+set&SAB2=&BOOL2=as+a+phrase&FLD2=Keyword+Anywhere+%28GKEY%29&GRP2=AND+with+next+set&SAB3=&BOOL3=as+a+phrase&FLD3=Keyword+Anywhere+%28GKEY%29&PID=5767&SEQ=20051127172912&CNT=25&HIST=1

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