Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sorry Wrong Office

I originally contacted the wrong office for a copy of Archibald's Will.l I forgot to call them off the search, SORRY!
Anyway she agreed with me that the file in her office seems to point to NO Will. The 22 pages of documents which were filed in a box are difficult to interpret. They do use the term Executor which points to a Will? As the email states below there seems  to a reference to the absence of a Will?
I thought I was losing my mind when I missed the existence of a will :D.  It makes me feel better that the Clerk of the Court  was confused too :D. 

"To date I have found a will for Archibald Fisher who died Sept. 18, 1878.  I have found a file for an Archibald Fisher who likely died in 1805 but there is no will.  There is a Court document that seems to refer to the absence of a will.  I could provide that record to you.  There is a cost of $4.00 for the search of that year and a cost of $2.00 for the copies that would be needed (4 page document).  You can send a check of money order made payable to the Randolph County Circuit Clerk and I will forward the document to you."

Barb Brown
Clerk of the Court


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