Wednesday, March 16, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History- Illness and Injury

Written by my great grandmother Isis Browning-Forgey (pictured with her sister right, right)
Ewing, Jackson County Indiana Nov. 27 1907 (she died a few months later of TB)
"I am writing these few lines this beautiful morning to express my last wants and wishes as to who of my friends I wish to take possession of my remains after my Spirit has flown to a world unknown where the veil shall be lifted and what has been such mysteries in this world to us will be revealed and the mist shall be cleared away and we shall know as we are known. And our Dear Savior has told us in my father's house are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you, so that where I am, there you may be also. Now I am going to tell the wish that is dearest to my heart of anything in this world is that some sweet day I may be able to stand on the banks of the New Jerusalem and clasp glad hands with each and everyone that is near and dear to me in this world. Husband and children, mother, sisters, brothers, neighbors and friends wherever they may be scattered over this great world of ours. I ask each and every one of you that have been mentioned in these lines where I have asked you as my last requests to see to my wishes when I am no more, for each and every one to ever be ready to speak a kind and cheering word to companion my children and put out a hand to check them if you see they are drifting away. Stop and ask them if they have forgotten all Mother's advice and teachings. Under the circumstances that came in contact with my short life here, I have done my best to make them know and understand that each of us has a soul to save and each of us has to save ourselves. Day before Thanksgiving and I am feeling weak and bad, had a bad night of it last night. Tomorrow will be my 38th birthday, the last one I ever expect to see. The ones I have selected to get me ready for burial are Eunice Hudson, Florence Hughes, Mary Bell, Bell Bower. My clothes will all be ready except dress and slippers. I want a black robe, to not cost over $15.00 and black cloth slippers. My casket I want to be neat , but not too expensive. I prefer Mr. Zable as undertaker. I want to be taken to the Methodist church. As my pall bearers I want Rose Jackson, Addie Parker, Laura Braden, Ella Mann, Rose Myers,and Laura Rotert. For ushers I want Sherman Jackson and Sam Braden. I want Charlie Tinch to play the organ. I want him to select his own choir and songs. I want all my near relatives and friend notified. I don't want to be put away too quick or kept too long. I want Alice Braden to stay with Inez every bit she possibly can and cheer her up so she won't feel so lonesome.

Tell them all not to grieve for me unnecessarily. I would rather have Brother Smith than any minister I know of, but if it is not convenient to get him, the Methodist preacher at Freetown will do. I would not like to be buried in the new Freetown cemetery. I would much rather be put in the old one, although if they want to put Mona there they may lay me beside her. The chapter I want read is the 2nd chapter of First Corinthians."

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Annette Berksan said...

Wow. This is such a moving part of your family history. Thanks for sharing it.