Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In Search of Cousins

I'm always looking to make contact with cousins. You never now what you will find. One of my distant cousins was executed (see death cert. below).
I've been tracking down all of the children of Andrew Forgey and two other men I believe to be his brothers. I have had no luck tracking down descendants of James D. Owens.
 Andrew Forgey Cousin Contact List (Since Andrew Forgey had 15 children I still have many descendants to find)
Descendants of
  1. James Forgey
  2. Elizabeth Anne Forgey
  3. Amos Forgey
  4. John Forgey
  5. Elias Forgey
  6. Clark Forgey
Archibald Forgey Cousin Contact List:
Descendants of:
  1. John A. Forgey
  2. Eleanor Forgey
  3. George Forgey

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