Monday, March 21, 2011

Genealogy Marathon

Yesterday was the rainy Los Angeles Marathon. I feel like I have been on a genealogy marathon the last few months. After the holidays I plunged back into genealogy with full zeal. I joined the Second Life Genealogy community where I got many great tips and was inspired to make an extra effort to knock down my brickwalls.
My renewed zeal has paid off :D! I have made great progress on my brickwalls and met several goals this year already. Since receiving the sources from Scotland a couple of weeks ago I have put in many hours a day verifying these sources. It's been a real genealogy marathon. I met my goal regarding finding the source for the marriage of Hugh Forgey and Catherine Fisher (which was the will).

The Sassy Jane blogger posted some wonderful links to Chicago City Directories which helped me meet another goal. My Mason family did not appear on the 1910 Census for Chicago. I have been searching for them in that Census for years. I was able to find my great-grandfather Fred G. Mason in the City Directory for 1910. Last night I looked at the Census again using the address I found but still no luck. According to the Directory the family lived in a rear unit so they were likely missed for that reason. Sadly that was the only Census the entire family would have appeared  on. Fred Mason died of TB in 1917. I found his widow Helen listed in 1923. It lists her as widow of Fred.

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