Research Goals

At this point I am focusing on two goals.
1. Proving or disproving that Hugh Forgey ( b. abt.1762) and Catherine Fisher, of  Tennessee, are the parents of Archibald Forgey, Andrew Forgey, and James Forgey
2. Sorting out which of two possible James Owens of  Bracken County, KY were named in the probate records of John Owens and Susannah Owens of  Ten Mile Creek PA.
3. Using DNA to help with the Forgey, Owens, Urmey, Brower, Brenneman,  and Browning lines.

Another goal I have not had much time to work on is locating the Death Records for my Great-great-grandparents who lived in Galway Ireland. They may have died in the 1920's or 1930's?