Friday, March 18, 2011

Decisions and Discrepancies

Pondering some new facts that have come to light. Someone badly miscalutated the date that my great-grandmother Isis Browning-Forgey wrote the letter I transcribed below. They had 15 Nov 1907. I never noticed that before. I knew that Isis was born on 27 Nov 1869 according to her death Certificate. She said she was writing the letter the day before Thanksgiving and her birthday. I looked to see what day Thanksgiving fell on in 1907. It fell on the 28th. So it looks like I might have the wrong day of birth for her? I guess I should track down more sources for her birth date.
I did do some Patrick Mullen research. I am searching for a death record using the Civil Registration Index for Ireland at I thought there was just one possibility but actually there are 3 :(. One is for a Pat Mullin which is the way he sometimes signed his name.

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