Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Got Mail!

Received the letter I was waiting for from Scotland, YEAH! Much quicker than I expected :). It only took 3 days. I now realize that I didn't get the full probate record for Archibald Fisher last year. I received the probate documents from Box 37. The researcher who provided the info for the book had pages 1 and 2 from Record book L. So I will need to try to locate this Record Book. The odd thing is this book looks like it is from the 20th Century?
The references Robert Crawford Robertson used:
1. Chronicles of the Scotch -Irish Settlement in Virginia Vol. pgs 140, 345, 351 + 353. Vol 3 pgs. 127+450.
    Lyman Chalkley. Commonwealth Printing Co., Rosalyn, Va
2. Washington Co. Va. Petition to the Va. House of  Delegates, 6 Nov 1777. The East. Tenn. Hist. Soc.
    Pvt., Knoxville, Tenn. no 21 (1949) p 103-4.
3. Marriage bond between Archibald Fisher and Elizabeth Sharp. 11 Dec 1797, Knoxville, Tenn.
    (photostat in possession of the person submitting this sheet)
4. Illustrated Historical Atlas Map of Randolph Co., Ill  P 54. W. R. Briute + Co. 1875
5. Continued History of Randolph , Monroe and Perry Cos., Ill. p 313. J. L. Mc Donnogh + Co. 1883
6. Will of Archibald Fisher. Record Book L, p 1-2, Records Office, Chester (Randolph Co) Ill., K
7. Records for the Term of Court, Christian Co., Ky. Mar 1805. Gisher- Dillingham  P 156- 163. Court 
    House, Hopkinsville, Ky.
8. Pioneer Families of Randolph + Perry Counties, Illinois (corrected copies only - p 33 a)
    Privately printed Robert Crawford Robertson M.D. 1961.

Archibald Fisher lived in Augusta Co. VA, 1767- 1773 where he owned land; in Stanley Valley, Hawkins Co., Tenn. (then Washington Co. Va.) where he owned land in 1777 signed the second petition to Va. by north of Holston (River) men? ; in Knoxville, Tenn. where he ? (4)+ owned land; and abt. 1802 moved to Randolph Co., Ill., settling in Springfield Township on nine mile creek just west of Kaskaskia River near the present town of Ellis Grove, where he developed a farm + died.

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