Wednesday, March 30, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History- Sweets

I was definitely a sugar addict when I was  child! My suppliers generally brought truckloads of sweets right to the curb in front of my house. Namely the ice cream man and the Helms Bakery truck man. The trucks certainly moved slow in  front of my house :D. They knew a good customer when they saw one! Being an only child I had money to spend. I remember fondly the Pixy sticks, sheets of salt water taffy, wacky packs (pictured right), and candy necklaces. 
Strange Things Children Eat
I remember when I couldn't satisfy my pixy stick addiction with the real thing I would eat Jello Powder. That was against the rules in my house because it could turn into a messy sticky glue like substance when wet. I wonder if anyone was able to get it off the garage floor in our old house?
I also ate water softner salt at a neighbor's house. I still recall how it burned going down. I often wonder whether that did any permanent damage?
I also remember daring a little boy named Jason to drink a bottle of perfume :D. I did not think he actually would, but he did. Don't know how he felt later?

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