Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sorting through old emails

At the Sunday Second Life genealogy discussion Clarise suggested connecting genealogy emails with families and individuals in your Genealogy Software program etc. I have been very bad when it comes to managing my email accounts :(. So I have thousands of emails in 4 accounts. Most of  these are in the inbox. I am now forwarding most mail to gmail.  I have now set up email filters at gmail to filter unwanted mail from certain addresses. I have also set up family folders, or as gmail calls them labels,  for each family plus a general genealogy folder. I plan on keeping the boxes tidy now :D.
I am now going to read through and copy them to my genealogy program notes. I have messages going back to 1999. An example of some great info I received via email,  from Ireland, with wonderful family info:
Hello. My name is John Huane. I am 13 years old.I am the son of Patrica  and John Huane.After searching through your website I discovered I am a desendent of James Huane,Shanballybocht.He was my great,great,great grandad.His son Stephen is my great,great grandad and is buried in shanballybocht.He had a son called Thomas.He was mygreat grandad.He married Katie and they had 6 children.Treasa,Patrick,Thomas,Stephen,James and John.My grandad was John.He married Nora and they had 5 children.Thomas,Celia,Mary,Peter-James and John.They also had another son that died after birth.My dad is John who married Patrica and they have two children, me and my sister Niamh.If you want more imfortmation just email.Thanks very much.John

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