Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where my research stands

I was able to quickly trace my Grandfather Rudoph Kapple or Koppel's family in Austria using the hints from the Burgenland Bunch website. I am now working on the Forgey and Owens lines. I believe that Hugh Forgey and Catherine Fisher are parents of Andrew Forgey b. 1794 Tennessee he later migrated to Indiana, then Iowa where he died. Circumstantial evidence, naming patterns and proximity , point to Hugh Forgey and Catherine Fisher as parents. Also an autosomal DNA test seems to point in that direction. Just waiting for more records to surface.
On the Owens side there is confusion about which James Owens was named in John and Susannah Owens probate records. I believed my James D. Owens is named as their son, the descendants of another James Owens believes it is their ancestor. Both James lived in Bracken County, KY and state they were born in PA. Both were roughly the same age. The basis for my claim is naming patterns.
Since very few records were kept at these early dates in Kentucky and Tennessee I have had to rely on unconventional sources.


Pam said...

Your "Mind Map" makes so much sense. It's hard to describe in words while trying to prove parentage. I think I'll try that!

Annette said...

Thanks Pam for the nice comment! I love the Mind Maps! They help clarify things.