Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What other records are available?

I was able to locate another bit of info which was listed on group sheet Archibald's daughter's grave Mary Fisher-Steele. It says that she was born 61 years and five months before her death on 18 May 1819. She is older than I estimated her sister Catherine Fisher-Forgey to be.
I have been looking for more info on available records for Tennessee. I have found this outline to be the best so far http://jefferson.tngenealogy.net/research-aids/56-research-guidance/547-research-in-early-tennessee-records-by-prentiss-price . If anyone has an outline with more resources please let me know? 

1. I have looked at New Providence Presbyterian Church records for Hawkins County, TN (which Brian French transcribed)
2. Court minutes for both Knox County and Hawkins County.
3. Land records for both Hawkins and Knox.
4. Marriage Records for all of Tennessee
5. Cemetery Records available on internet for all of Tennesseee
6. The Newspaper the Knoxville Gazette
7. Partial Taxlists Knox and Hawkins Counties
8. Published Reynold Family Letters and the writings of Hugh Forgey Crawford (Forgey was his middle-name; transcribed by Kenneth Edmondson)

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