Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Envelope Please...

When I finally got my hands on the envelope from the Randolph County Clerks office I RIPPED IT OPEN! It did read as I hoped that Catherine Forgey was the daughter of Archibald Fisher here is an excerpt:

However as I read on I became very confused again because a paragraph after the will stated that Archibald Fisher died intestate??? Didn't I just read the will :D? This was cleared up on the third page when the administrator John Beard stated the following "Archibald Fisher....appointed his son John Fisher Executor of the said will + the said John dying before the death of the said Arch the subscriber did not believe it necessary to prove the said will but having been lately informed that the said will aught to have been proved + letters of adminstration granted..." (can't make out the rest). So the will was later brought to the court and filed in the Deed book L.
The moral is there still may be a will even if the person was said to have died intestate.

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