Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where to next?

Hello Annette, 

Thank you for your payment,  the information you requested will be posted to you on the 6 march ‘11


Jan Rea

I just received this reply from the Scottish Genealogy Society regarding the source material I requested. Unfortunately it may take some time to get reply so I am brainstorming about other avenues of research in the mean time. It does appear that earlier researchers on the Forgey line have seen documents that I have not located. I have no idea what what the sources are? Need the marriage source for Hugh Forgey and Catherine Fisher, and names of children.

1. I have searched all of the microfilms available from FHCs for  Hawkins and Knox County, Tennessee, Lee County, VA and Scott County, VA for the time period in question.
2. I've also written to the Knox County Archives and received documents from their indexed sources (unfortunately not all records are indexed),
3. Of course I've done many hours of internet research :D.

What Next?
1. Keep researching on internet :D!
2. Catherine Fisher's father Archibald did leave probate records in Randolph County Illinois. He did mention her husband Hugh Forgey, but not Catherine. There may be more documents which I have not found, such as Court minutes?
3. I believe an Archibald Forgey may be my Andrew Forgey's brother. I found out from the BLM GLO that Archibald Forgey served in the War of 1812. I may find something more about his origins in those records?
4. I have not visited Tennessee and believe this might be the best way to solve this problem.

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