Monday, March 4, 2013

War of 1812 Evidentia Report

Still learning how to use Evidentia. I noticed that I should separate every assertion. I combined 2 in several claims. Each assertion should be evaluated separately for source quality. I accidently created several Eve Urmey's that had to be merged, so I believe that's why I have some duplicate entries?
The reason for the generation of over 100 pages of  material in this Widow's Pension is the fact that Jesse and Eve married at a time before marriage records were kept intact. Either there marriage record was lost or never created. Eve Urmey/Callahan said she married on Oct. 5, 1814, which was supported by Catherine Miller who may have been her sister? Other friends and neighbors were asked to submitted statements in which they stated they had known Jesse and Eve to be husband and wife.

No marriage record could be located


MHD said...

Interesting series, Annette! Thanks for the detail. I've looked at Evidentia. Do you have an opinion yet re is it worth the amount of work to input?

Annette Kapple said...
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Annette Kapple said...

Thanks Marie for the nice comment! It really is well worth the time it takes to input the info. It really helps to sort out all the small details. You can open a small window which floats over the document and input everything right in the document itself. That makes the process faster too. Also there are templates for source citations in the program.