Monday, March 4, 2013

FANing with Evidentia: Breakthrough

FAN is an acronym for friends, acquaintances, and neighbors. I've recorded the names and number of years, those who provided affidavits, had been acquainted with Jesse Callahan and his wife Eve Urmey. I noticed Edward Kindred had been acquainted with Jesse Callahan for 69 yrs.. I realized, if correct, they had known each other in childhood back in Kentucky. We, the Callahan researchers, had assumed that the family came from Mercer County, KY. I looked up Edward's family and found out his family was from Jessamine County, KY which borders Mercer for a small stretch. I wonder if Edward Kindred may actually be a relation? An A. Brenneman was an administrator of  Edward's father's estate which may have been Eve's grandmother's maiden name. The Kindred family may help my trace the Callahan's back farther?


Nan said...

I've been reading your Evidentia related blog posts with great interest. It sounds like a tool that would help me stay more on track when I'm working a line.

You're probably aware of this Kentucky resource - that will help you figure out which counties were contiguous during what time frame.

Annette Kapple said...

I am finding Evidentia is helping me focus better. When I just read through documents I tend to miss fine details. You can download the free version and try it out.
Thanks Nan for the link! I'll take a look at it. One of the Callahan's was wanting more proof that the family came from that area. It would be nice to find more support for that theory.