Saturday, March 16, 2013

FamilySearch Tree: Deleting a bad connection

One year after my invitation to the New FamilySearch Tree I'm finally rockin'n rolling. I now see that you can make all the corrections you want. If you go into an ancestor's profile page and click on the hyperlinks for each fact you can change everything from the spelling of the name to individual facts. I also discovered a very important tool which allows you to delete incorrect relationships. I found a glaring mistake in that my ancestor William McPike's parents were given as Jesse McPike and Matilda Meadows. This was Matilda's second marriage so her name was Dayton when she married Jesse. They must have been drinking that day at FamilySearch because Jesse and Matilda were married in 1840 and their supposed son was died 46 years earlier in 1794. Jesse was actually William's grandson instead of Father. Oddly it states that FamilySearch added these wrong parents?
Here's how you delete an incorrect relationship:
First click on the person's name and go to their profile

I decided to correct from Jesse McPike's profile page. When you hover of their child's name you see the link to edit relationship appear.
We click on edit relationship. This relationship needs to be trashed so we click on the trash can to delete the relationship. We have to provide a reason for the deletion.
After the process is complete this is the screen you get.


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