Thursday, March 21, 2013

My first gleanings from RootsTech 2013

RootsTech 2013 Conference began today. I thought the keynote speeches were wonderful! It's true that we need to preserve the details of our families everyday lives. I put together many of the anecdotes and stories my mother told me about her family, and uploaded the finished product to :

When the Italian project at FamilySearch Indexing was mentioned it brought to mind that I might have some Italian blood through Central America? It seems the name Granzio might be Italian? I already know we have some German through a Central American line.
I've read through some of the posted online syllabus material already. I am attending the conference virtually and will only be able to see those sessions that are streamed. I found two great websites listed in one syllabus that I never used before. It was for the session Five Most Important Resources Searching one of these, Archive Grid, I found that there are some Susan Forgey letters at Duke University which might provide great insight into the family from the Civil War to the early 20th Century. These letters are a part of Cornelius Miller Pickens' Papers (see image above).
I also saw an image of the above chart on another syllabus. I love charts and had to print one for myself. I found out that it came from the Progeny Site . I downloaded the free trial. It pulls the information from your FamilySearch Tree. This software does produce some nice charts and reports.
So I have have picked up some tidbits already, and the conference has just started.

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