Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Irish Townlands

I looked up my family's Irish townlands at google maps. I only know about the two that the Mullens and Huvanes lived in for at least a couple hundred years if not much longer? Irish townlands range in size from as little as an acre to thousands of acres.
Ellen/Helen Mullen/Mason she was born and
raised in Pollaturick
I had not idea that they now have outlines of the Townlands at google maps. The nearly octagonal shape of Fallakeeran is very interesting to see.
I then switched to street view to take a tour of the area. I now would love to know which properties belong to the Mullen and Huvane families. There are still some older buildings in the area. I am hoping some of the old homestead survives. I do have some contacts in the area. I better hurry up and ask because my best source of information in the area is elderly.
Pollaturick was the townland where my great-grandmother Ellen/Helen Mullen was born 26 December 1880.

 Pollaturick now:

Fallakeeran Today


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