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Using Evidentia to Comb thru War of 1812 File

Not sure what claim type to use for the affidavit people. I did add a category Friendship

I may have solved a brickwall in my Urma/Urmey line using the War of 1812 Widow's Pension file of Eve Callahan nee Urma/Urmey. I had not been able to locate her parents based on other documents. Many trees online listed her as a child of  Jacob Urmey and Susannah Brower. Eve was not mentioned in Jacob's will so I assumed she was not actually his daughter. Going through the pension I noticed that Jacob's daughter Catherine was present at the marriage of Jesse Callahan and Eve Urma/Urmey. A long time friend of the family Edward Kindred said he heard about the marriage from Eve's brother Jacob. It looks like there was only one Jacob in the area and he was the son of Jacob Urmey and Susannah Brower. So Eve may indeed be the daughter of Jacob and Susannah after all.
1831 Will of Jacob Urmey, Washington County, IN
I've collected up the names of everyone who submitted an affidavit on behalf of Eve. I used Evidentia to record all of the pertinent facts I've found in the Pension file. I plan on doing more research in Washington County, IN records and
hope to be able to confidently add Jacob and Susannah to my tree in the future.
It was so interesting to read what the neighbors and family members had to say about Jesse and Eve. They lived in the Houston area of Jackson County, IN for more than half a century and made many friends.
 Eve told the attorney that she finally yielded Jesse's "persuasion" and married him. One neighbor stated she was present at the birth of Jesse and Eve's daughter Mary.

A description of the reason Eve married Jesse

Edward Kindred had a great deal of useful information
This is what my tree would like like if I can prove Eve's parents

Mary Croucher was present at birth of Mary Callahan

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