Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Learning Evernote

Rootstech finally spurred me into actually using Evernote. I downloaded it a while ago, but couldn't figure out how to use it for my genealogy. After listening to Caroline Pointer's Evernote Hangout I finally understood how to set up the Evernote in a useful way for me. Above is a video I made about how I am using Evernote.

Here are the steps for creating Notebooks for you research:

Step 1. Click file then new notebook
Step 2. Name your notebook. Right now I am making surname notebooks for each surname.
Step 3. Open the drive location with the folders you want to put in Evernote and view this side by side with Evernote.
Step 4. Click file then new Note
Step 5. Drag the folders to Evernote
Step 6. Right click on the file in Evernote and tag it with a more specific description.
Step 7. If you have a number of files with the same tag click on tag in left side window and drop the files there.
Step 8. Sync to the Evernote server by clicking on sync. You can only see the files from online on any computer if you sync it. You also need to sync in order to start the clock which allows you to upload 60mb per month.

This is what the online page looks like

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