Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Three Death Certicates 3 different opinions?

We have 3 death certificates for three Owens siblings. Mary and Frances Owens' informants give their father's name as Owens. William according to Frances' imformant and George according to Mary's. He was born in Kentucky, according to Frances' informant, and born in Ohio according to Mary's informant . Mary Owens/ Mason's informant, which was her daughter, gives her mother's name as Mary E. Owens born in Ohio. Frances Owens/ Wilke's informant, her husband, stated her mother's name was Miss. Hicks. George apparently provided the information himself as the informant is given as the decedent. He says his parents names were William F. Owens, born in Kentucky and Nancy Hicks, born in Ohio  which of course is the correct answer. This is the first time I've seen the decedent given as the informant.
It's interesting that George Owens and his nephew Fred Mason, my great-grandfather, contracted TB. They were both painters and paper hangers. The chemicals they used may have led to their contracting TB?

Where Fances Owens/ Wilke died

My Great-Grandfather Fred Mason son of Mary Owens

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