Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy 12th Anniversary Ellis Island Site!

SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse LLoyd line

I remember when I first tried to access the Ellis Island website 12 years ago and it was so popular it took forever to even get to the search field. I spent days on there waiting and then final retrieving a few passenger lists related to my family. It was very exciting making all those discoveries.
Recently I happened to find one that didn't surface on earlier searches. This particular passenger list was for my great-grandmother  Maria Kappel and her daughter. They were making a return trip after visiting family in Inzenhof, Hungary. Maria made several trips back to her native village. Most of her trips were made from Antwrep, Belgium on the White State Line. The one I found recently was a trip from Bremen Germany and was a second class voyage. She traveled on a famous ship this time, the "Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse".  This ship was one of the ships called the four fliers because of its speed. It had a very first class luxurious interior. She must have had a little extra money, or got a good deal on this trip.
I still need to scan a 1910 passenger list which my Grandfather Rudolph Kappel appears on at age 1 year.

Franz Koppel my great-grandfather arriving at Ellis Island 1896

My Great-Grandparent travelled on the same ship in 1898. They were not married yet  and appear as Maria Kurta
and Franz Koppel
My Great-Great grandfather Johann Kurta arriving at Ellis Island 1900

Here are Maria and husband Franz Koppel returning from a visit to their native Inzenhof Hungary in 1901
Kritian Koppel my great-great grandfather appears on this list  coming to stay with our family

Maria Koppel and her daughter Maria returning after a 1905 visit to Inzenhof Hungary

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