Monday, April 22, 2013

Documenting the Browning family history

When first went online I couldn't wait to give it a try. Like Ellis Island it was swamped with users the first few weeks, and it was difficult to get to the search page. When I finally got a search in the Browning family was the first family I found information on. I was thrilled to find a long genealogy for the family. I was new to genealogy then and didn't realize this information was submitted by someone who had not documented their sources. Later I realized that I would need to find the source material for all of this. I finally have gotten around to documenting this line. For years I basically had this same information from copied into my genealogy database. I did change Nathan's birthplace of Polk County, Virginia because there is no Polk County in Virginia. I changed it to Sullivan, Tennessee because a couple Nathan's children stated he was born in Tennessee, according to their Census Records.Roger had lived in Sullivan, Tennesse in the 1790's.
For years I also went along with Rebecca as Nathan's mother. I recently found out that Rebecca's maiden name was McKaughan. I assumed she was my ancestor. As it turns out she may not be. I learned this when I researched Roger Brownings family in Maryland Land Records online here
I found the deed below stating Roger's wife was Elizabeth, around the time of Nathan's birth.

Jesse's parents born in Maryland?

Browning Deed states Roger Browning
 was son and Heir of  Benjamin

I am still assuming that the previous Browning researcher is correct regarding the fact that Roger Browning of Tennessee was originally from Frederick, Maryland. The deed I found in Frederick Maryland for a Roger Browning stated he was the son of Benjamin Browning. Roger Browning of Greene County, TN did have a son named Benjamin who was named in his will. He also had a son Nathan (my ancestor). Roger Browning of Maryland also had an uncle named Nathan. So we know both families used the names, Nathan and Benjamin. This and the fact that Nathan b.1785 son said his father was born in Maryland. Jesse Madison Browning's 1880 Census record states his parents were born in Maryland. His mother was actually born in Tennessee.
Jesse's wife's father was born in Maryland so I wonder if this was just a repetition error? A few of Nathan's children lived until 1880 and beyond. Most stated he was born in Tennessee or Virginia in the US Census.
I have not found anything other than naming patterns to link Roger Browning of Greene County, Tennessee with Frederick, Maryland. Roger's son Amaziah served in the military and his mother was named on a military document according to something someone posted  on the internet.. Don't know if the document also stated where he was born? If Amaziah was born in Maryland that would be enough proof for me that Roger was indeed son of Benjamin Browning of Frederick County, Maryland. I need to find the military record for Amaziah Browning. I haven't been able to locate one yet.

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