Saturday, March 23, 2013

My favorite Rootstech 2013 tips

  1. Archive Grid for searching for manuscripts
  2. Zendone sounds like a great way to keep track of your progress with your to do list. It's based on the "Get things done" productivity methodology.
  3. Duck Duck Go search engine is one to me. It presents slightly different results than google, with a nice easy to read layout.
  4. Use the phrase "cemetery near" to display all cemeteries in an area at google maps. I was very surprised to find hundreds of small family burying grounds in southern Virginia and northern Tennessee.
  5. GeoNames is a map site I've never used before.
  6. I need to use the source box at Family Search to add sources for tree.
Little dots are all cemeteries or family
burying grounds
Looking forward to the Fan Chart at Family Search. Love those Fan Charts.
The session  Paper Piles to Digital Files was excellent . I am always looking for quick ways to organize. The presenter gave some wonderful tips. It inspired me to finally use Evernote. I bit the bullet and learned to use it. Is is a great place to organize and plan future research. Now that I understand it I like it.

One of my new Evernote notebooks

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