Saturday, June 16, 2012

WANTED!!! A. Forgey between 1775 & 1779

Alexander Forgey is one of the most elusive people I've researched. I have no idea where he was between the time he disappeared from Cumberland County, PA in 1774 and 1779 when he seemed to have settled in Washington County, VA. Also, I lose trace of him after 1796? If we could find his locations in these time periods we might be able to find a brickwall breaking record? We are trying to verify that the above children are his.
I believe he would have been married at least a couple of times based on his age. He seemed to have a short duration marriage in 1786 which is the only marriage I've found for him. Any earlier marriage would seem to have taken place possibly in Ireland or 1760's South Carolina or Pennsylvania? With very few records to go on it is difficult establish whether Alexander Forgey had children or not. 
I've searched all the records available through the Family History Library for the areas I know he lived in. I feel like any breakthrough will come in a different location unknown to us at this time? I would recommend that anyone with possible connections to this line try to locate Alexander's locations in the time periods he is missing.
It will be a major earthshaking breakthrough to find any additional info on him!
Here is a timeline and what we've found already.
  • Lucille Wallace felt that an Alexander Forgie/Forgy who arrived in Charleston South Carolina in 1768 was the same Alexander as above. If true we might infer that Alexander was born sometime before 1746. Tax lists would point to him being at least 21 in 1772.
  • 13 February 1768 he receives a warrant for Land in Granville or Craven County Carolina for 100 acres
  • I don't find him again until 1772 when appears on a Taxlist with Andrew Forgey in Cumberland County PA
  • His last appearance in Cumberland County, PA was on a Tax list in 1774
  • We don't see him on any records again until 1781 when he appears on a tax list in Washington County, Virginia (we know Andrew Forgey was in Washington County, VA in 1779 when he is involved in a court case).
  • He purchases land in Washington County, VA in 11 October 1782
  • He marries Agnes Meek in 1786
  • 1787 there was a white male in his household between 17 and 21 years of age
  • His marriage to Agnes ends in 1788
  • He witnesses a deed in Washington County, VA in 1792
  • In 1794 there are 3 white males over 16  in the household according to taxlist
  • In January 1796 he sells his Washington County, VA property and I lose track of him completely

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