Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two brickwalls exploded today!

The Virginia Memory project and Nan's careful reading of these many page difficult to read documents is responsible! Thanks Nan!
I searched plaintiff and defendant names in the search boxes and forgot to do a general name search yesterday, and walked away thinking there was nothing else here.
This document confirms the inferred brother relationship between Andrew Forgey and Archibald Forgey. I also confirms that Ann (Anna) was the daughter of Jacob Roller. We had inferred that because one of Anna's sons was named Jacob Roller Forgey. I was never able to find a baptismal record to confirm this. Earlier I had posted that I was searching for Lutheran Church records in Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties Virginia. Now I can continue to trace the Jacob Roller and Eva Zirkle line with confidence.
This document also contains a great story about my Andrew and Anna family. According to document Andrew and Anna Forgey migrated to Indiana which is correct. This narrative then takes a wrong turn and describes them as migrating beyond the Rocky Mountains where they are murdered by hostile Indians? I am afraid not. The true story is they settled in Indiana. When Anna dies a decade after migrating to the area. Andrew then migrates to the Davenport, Iowa area where he remarries and dies of a stroke in old age. Andrew lived a very quiet life of farming. The Rollers should have been able to reach Hugh Forgey by letter because he continued to live in Indiana?
This is now definitely one of my most cherished documents!

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