Saturday, June 30, 2012

Metes and Bounds Troubles

I finally have most of my metes and bounds deeds platted. I wondered whether the free Deed Platter actually gave a correct representation of my ancestors properties? Some turned out looking quite odd. Many did not close correctly, and some lines ran too long. In these cases I wondered whether they were measuring all the way to the central marker? Another possibility is they weren't taking into account the degree angles and just adding up the pole numbers?
I decided to use Open Office drawing to verify the plats I made from the free site. I found trying to reproduce these plats in drawing a little tricky. It takes a little manipulation to get the numbers exact. The degrees can only be estimated to the nearest degree, since only increments of 5 can be selected. This isn't really a big deal since the differences are fractionally small. I was able to reproduce them, and they looked the same. I entered one of Jacob Roller's deeds at the Deed Platter site last night. It actually closed perfectly! This also verifies that the site does accurate renderings of the deeds. If a deed does not render in a plausible way then the deed likely has errors.
I made a video for Youtube demonstrating some of what I've learned. I plan on ordering more deeds to get a better idea of where Hugh Forgey lived.

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