Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lessons From Jamboree 2012

This past weekend's Genealogy Jamboree live stream proved very helpful to me! All of the sessions from the first, dealing with placing your ancestors in historical context; to the last, finding Diaries and Journals were very thought provoking. Being at home in front of the computer already I was able to put some of their suggestions into practice immediately. I went to google books and found some of the books that were recommended plus additional related books.
The NARA Military records talk helped me locate the ship info for my twin Uncles who were in the Navy. Some of which I've posted here.
Curt Witcher addressed the problem we sometimes run into when we don't have focused goals. We then aimlessly search for nothing in particular, and spend fruitless hours searching the internet. I feel like participating in Second Life, and all the educational activities I've participated in the last couple years, has helped me to focus my research and actually find solutions to family mysteries. Blogging helps me focus too, and analyze what I find more accurately.
Here is a link to the Syllabi for these sessions  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ra3yvqceqmb40ng/3l8nVnVdzu/Stream%20Video%20Syllabi.pdf

I picked up interesting tips from all the speakers.

 Here are some of the sites mentioned which I got my attention:
  1. Mentioned by Lisa Louise Cooke for creating photo collages www.ShapeCollage.com
  2. My Genshare, not available yet, is going to be a very important Genealogy website with links, genealogy ebooks, periodicals, and maps http://mygenshare.com/mgs/coming_soon
  3. I don't recall hearing about this genealogy look-up service before. Genlighten sounds like a great resource for long distance research http://www.genlighten.com 

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