Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Look at My Lulu Family History Book

I received my "Our Forgey Family History" in the mail from Lulu yesterday (it took 4 days from the time they shipped it). I thought it came out AWESOME (video above isn't very clear, but give an idea of how it turned out)! Never having published anything I worried about whether text might get cut off because I didn't lay it out correctly. Everything printed; even some of the text I had previously questioned was not in fact cut off. The charts appear uncut.
The quality of the book is as good as any text book you might find in a college bookstore. The paper very white and silky smooth. All of the colors printed very well, and the text is a good font size. I should have printed chapter headings at the top. Otherwise, it's a more than satisfactory first experience with publishing! I hear the black and white copies, which are much cheaper, are also good quality. I will be ordering black and white to give to relatives.
I do want to continue publishing even more stories, and research results. Looking through it in printed form jogged my memory, and I now have a list of more subjects to research.
No one would believe all the time and spent on this little 102 page book. Not only my time and money, but that of many others too. It represents many years of research. Like Joshua Taylor said in his session, yesterday at Jamboree, Family History is a life long pursuit. It's not something you do in a weekend. Someone contacted me once about putting together a family history as a Christmas present. He thought if he started in August he would have enough time to put one together one for Christmas that same year. When you are just beginning your research that is not enough time; unless, you are luckier than me!


Nan said...


That is wonderful! I'm so glad you have taken the time to do this.


Annette said...

Thanks Nan! It's great to finally compile all the scattered info and pictures into a unified whole! I have 3 binders with Forgey info and pictures in 7 albums, and in shoe boxes. Now all the important info is in one place.