Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lonely Civil War Soldier Needs Your letters

Some people are letter writers and some not. Nancy Forgey/Moss was in the latter. I never enjoyed writing letters either. Typing a letter is much more enjoyable than handwriting one, however.

Lick Creek April 1, 1862
"Dear Wife
I received your letter baring date April 1st and was glad to here from you. I have nothing of interest to write from the fact that I have wrote to you every other day since I came here whether you ever received my letters or not I can't say as you have not wrote whether you have received any one of them or not you must write oftener and write whether you ever received my letters or not you must take care of your self the Best you can. I was joking about writing every other day but I have wrote five or six letters to you beside peases that I have wrote in others since I came here. This leaves me well hoping it ma reach and find you enjoying all the pleasures of life you must answer this immediately. So no more But Remain your affectionate Husband. John R. Moss"

Lick Creek April 1, 1862
"Dear Father
I was informed yesterday by West Eavens that you was at home which I was glad to here. But at the same time sorry to here that you was not well. I want you to do Nancyes writing for her and all so want you to write to me your self. Give me all the News as I have a bad chance of geting any here you must let me now where you left Harry so that I can write to him. tell Mother I would have come By when I started up here but I new it would hert her.

Vicksburg, Miss March 9th 1863
"Dear Wife,
As I have an opportunity of writing to you and sending it by hand I conclude to drop you a few lines which will inform you that I am well. Trusting at the same time these lines may reach and find well. I have nothing new to write to you at present more than all the boys here safe and appear to be very satisfied. When we will get away from this place I can not say as I see no prospect at present tho I am in hopes we may get away soon. Take good care of yourself and rest assured that I will do everything in my power to render you happy so no more write soon and give me all the news."

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