Saturday, March 3, 2012

How would you interpret these DNA results?

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Let's take a look at the final results in our first round of our Forgey DNA testing. I highlighted some of the differences. I focused on differences which were shared. There was mutations in both of Samuel's descendants' lines which separates each of their lines, and are not shared by the others.
This is my impression of the results if anyone else has a different take or is able to draw any other conclusions please let me know?

  1. The Maury County, TN Andrew Forgey (died 1820 see image above) line had a unique mutation on DYS-442 which is 13 and everyone else is 12. If someone in the Alexander Forgey line tested and shared the same DYS-442 mutation 13 that would be very helpful!
  2. My uncle's line which goes back to Andrew Forgey and Anna Roller had a unique mutation on DYS-438 which is 11 and everyone else is 10.
  3. DYS-576 is the most confusing. We've got 3 of the 5 with the result 20?  Two got the result 19? So was the earliest common ancestor 19 or 20?  You would think that both of Samuel's descendants would match but they don't. We've got one of Samuel's lines matching the Maury County Andrew. The other matching the Hawkins County Andrew. 
  4. All of the Forgeys matched the William Forgie line of Co. Down to some degree. I am guessing that is where all of the common lines originated? We need someone from the Hugh Forgey line of Co. Antrim to test. That line is confirmed to be from Co. Antrim. Would like to know if they are related?
  5. A Forgy line in Pennsylvania did not match. I am curious as to whether that was a non paternal event? We still don't know whether everyone carrying the name is related?
  6. The testing has proven that all of the Forgeys above share a common ancestor at some point. My Uncle Charles Forgey and Roger Forgey seem to be the most closely related with a mismatch of only one. 
Hopefully we can get more Forgeys to test. It seems like a few people have looked at my postings at the Forgey message boards regarding testing. If we can get more testers to compare with we might be able to determine when the mutations occurred which might tell us at what point we are all related?

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