Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Dance Day plus email Address Log

As you can see above I had Rachel listed as unknown. NO MORE. Nan Harvey has been working to breakdown a brickwall in her own Tyree line and discovered a court record with Rachel's maiden name. She found this document (see image right). She found it here Chancery Court Records for Scott County, VA. I have looked at this collection several times but didn't run across this. It doesn't seem to be indexed for every name? I could not find it looking for Forgey? You have to be very cautious indeed when using indexes, Never assume someone isn't in a record collection just because they are not on the index!
Jame A. Forgey Slander Case 1837 Jackson County, Indiana 
I went back and looked at the info I gathered on James A. Forgey and Rachel Tyree's family. I had not been able to find too much about them. I know they migrated to Jackson County, Indiana after the 1830 Census ( from Scott County, VA). I also found a slander court Case filed in 1837 between Jesse Hubbard and James A. Forgey in Jackson County IN.  I couldn't find any more details regarding the case in the microfilm I ordered. The Family also live in Bartholomew and Jennings County, IN. James Forgey's name was listed as Hugh J. A. Forgey on a Census and may have been his full name? The family did have a bible with some family dates in it. According to their family tradition two brothers came to America from Ireland and settled in Virginia; which sounds like Alexander and Andrew, who did live in Virginia briefly?. I couldn't find James or Rachel's place of burial either? Sadly, one of their descendants was put to death in the Electric Chair in Texas.
I was contacted by one of their descendants a few years ago asking for more info about the family. I've been trying to locate their email address. I have not been able to locate it so far. I've been having all my emails routed to Gmail from other email boxes. Some of my emails have been lost in the rerouting. I've printed out a stack of emails about two inches thick and filed them. Sadly that one is not one of them. I have paper everywhere so I may have printed it and missed filed it? I need a log outside my email boxes to keep addresses so they don't get lost if something goes wrong with my email box. I found this form . Sorry I can't contact this person with the good news. I'll do some filing this weekend and I may find a copy of the email?


Nan said...

Hint on searching the chancery court records - you can use the "Starts with" option for a surname. I was actually searching for Forgey instead of Tyree when I did this search and put in starts with "forg". This was filed under FORGY. And I'm finding more and more TIREY instead of TYREE for my Tyree line.

Derek Grubbs said...

I am a descendant of James A. Forgey and Rachel ______. Now, I know that Rachel's last name was Tyree! Thanks for helping fill in that blank for me. I was curious as to who the Texas execution was. Would you mind sharing that name with me?

Thanks. Derek.

Annette said...

Wow! Great to hear from a descendant from that line! I lost the email address of another person in your line. I can send you some snippets from newspaper articles about the execution. My email address is Just send me your email address.

Annette said...

Oophs forgot to give his name. It was Charles Louis Forgey.