Friday, March 30, 2012

John R. Moss and Nancy Forgey Civil War Letter

John R. Moss and Nancy Forgey
Lick Creek Tennessee April 1, 1862
"Dear Wife,
As you will not write to me I have concluded that I will write to you a gain. hoping whenever this reaches you it may find you well for I would be very sorry to no that you was unwell or dissastisfied in any way whatever. I want you to content your self  as best you can and not bee uneasy about me as I take the best care of my self  That I can and live till I die I unless I get killed. I want you to write to me immediately if you have not all ready written and if you have write again. I want you to write at least once a week and I will do the same you nead not bee uneasy about me drinking as their is no whiskey up here that is fit to for a hog to drink.
I am well and getting fit on Bull Beef and Biscuit. I thought I would give you a specimen of the house I intend building when I come home you must have it framed and a glass put over it and keep it untill I return. If you or  any of the you family should get dangerously sick you must write to me no. I can get a furlow under them circumstances. I ? you must give me all the news and let me no how you are geting along farming. Be shore and not let the stock astray my wheat as I intend coming home at harvest if possible. Give my best respects to all inquiring friends. J. R. Moss "
The House he intended to build 

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