Sunday, April 1, 2012

1940 US Census: Separating Communists from Patriotic Americans

Actually Communists and Patriotic Americans were allies during WWII.  So Communists, leftists, rightists and everyone is encouraged to help index the 1940 Census beginning April 2nd  (except Fascists)!
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The 1940 US Census Community Project Team"

I've mapped out my strategy for tomorrow.
I went to Steve Morse's On Step Website
I found the following enumeration districts using addresses and a 1930 enumeration district:
  1. 103-602 for 11321 Forest Avenue Chicago Illinois for the Kappel/Kapple Family. Half the family living in that house spelled the name Kappel and the other half Kapple LOL. I am not sure whether any members of the family lived there in 1940? I have not been able to locate the address of the Rectory House the family later purchased and may have lived in 1940? I am going to try some more to locate the address.
  2. I found 3 districts for 4th Avenue Puente, California 19-166 A-D, 19-167, 19-168. This is for the Forgey family. They also may have still been in Glendale, California on 124 Cypress enumeration district 19-210?
I am fairly sure I can find the Forgeys tomorrow? Will probably need Rectory House Address for Kapple's ? Anyway I will be here at around 6am pacific tomorrow

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