Monday, November 28, 2011

My DNA Wish List for Santa! Plus link to Our Group

Most wanted DNA  Made my list for Santa and it's all about DNA ;)! Considering we didn't have a DNA project before August 2011 we have made great progress so far! Here is a link to our Group Forgey/Forgy/Forgie:  Just use the tabs across the top to see other pages. Click the Y DNA drop down menu to see the actual results so far. We should have more results by late December.
We can always use more participants in our Forgey/Forgy & Forgie project. The larger the number of testers the more we can learn. DNA testing requires comparisons between matches, and patterns only come to light after groups of cousins pool results.
Here is my most wanted Y DNA:

  1. Forgety line
  2. Gabriel Forgey line
  3. Archibald Forgey line
  4. Alexander Forgey line 
  5. Hugh Forgey Bourbon Kentucky line
  6. William Forgey supposed French line
  7. John Forgy Cumberland, PA line (someone already tested on this line but I am not sure about the results?)
  8. Canadian Forgies
I have added in red those who have tested for each line in to the chart below (we are DNA testing to better determine the lines so some of these are guesses). Clinton Forgy has not returned his test yet and is testing in Samuel's line. We need to fill in the empty boxes, and we can use more testers in the Andrew line. Test prices start at $99 for 12 markers. We have a Forgey, Forgy, Forgie group at FT DNA

Click on chart to get better image

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