Tuesday, November 22, 2011

FT DNA Beta + Final DNA comparisons at 37 markers

New beta site and finals to date When I saw that Mike Forgy's 37 marker results came in I noticed major changes to the FT DNA site. Here is the explanation I found posted there:  "Beginning today, 11/21/2011, Project Administrators will have exclusive access to our new myFTDNA 2.0 BETA.  Use the kit links within your project to access the new personal pages." It took me a few minutes to understand the new layout. I like it . There are some new ways to sort results such as by surname. I have to play with this after Thanksgiving to see what else you can do.  I copied some of the new reports below. As you can see below the number of markers mismatched is now posted with the name on the far left hand side.
was very satisfied with the rest of Mike's results. Here is what we can infer so far with the 3 tests complete:
  1. Forgey is a variant spelling of Ferguson. Mike had 11 Ferguson matches and Roger had 5 ( see last two images in this post for Ferguson ONLY matches.
  2. There was a mutation in one of Mike's first 12 markers which was not shared by either Darren or Roger or any of the Fergusons which means this is a unique mutation in his line.
  3. Two mutations occurred in Darren's line which were not shared by either Roger or Mike. So they are unique to this line and can be used to set them apart.
  4. One marker tested in the last set for Mike did not match either Darren or Roger, but did match many Fergusons. So I wonder if Darren and Roger's line's both experienced a mutation at a later date?
  5. Larry Laughlin has been a close match to all three men and a perfect match for Mike. This may just be a coincidence or maybe a non paternity event? Some lines do have very few mutations so it's possible he is related before the adoption of fixed surnames?
  6. Many of the Forgey/Forgy matches tested positive for the Scottish Clade which I discussed before. So it looks like Roger and Darren will test positive when their results come back in late December (the new beta site shows deep clade results for matches).

We should have more test results by late December. It is odd that Roger and Mike have two marker mismatches and Mike's supposed closer relative Darren mismatched by 4. Hopefully we can clarify this with next set of results; which should be for my uncle.

Mike Forgy 
Mike Forgy
         Mike Forgey 3 marker mismatches   Roger Forgey 3 marker 

    Mike Forgy 4 marker mismatches  Roger Forgey ditto          Darren Forgy ditto

Mike Forgy's Ferguson Matches
Roger Forgey

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