Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just when I thought I had it figured...a new clade?

The I- M284 subclade I mentioned the subclade I- M284 associated with the British Isles in a previous post. I did not know it was a subclade of M223. I thought these two were totally separate. Below is a chart showing the relationship between the subclades. Roger was placed in the M223 clade by FT DNA. According to the Ferguson DNA project Roger's matches are in the subclade M284? Since there is a 99 percent probability that  Roger is related to Wayne Forgie and Gabriel Ferguson at some point in time he must also share the British Isles clade. It sounds like one of the matches may have upgraded to a deep clade test. This is the way Ft DNA explains the test: "Family Tree DNA now offers its Y-DNA customers Deep Clade tests to determine or confirm the exact subclade or branch of their haplogroup. " It's also possible that differences in 3 markers led to a more specific subclade assignment for one of the other matches? I will contact the Ferguson project and ask about the reason for the M284 subclade assignment?
According to Wikipedia:" I-M284, has been found almost exclusively among the population of Great Britain, which has been taken to suggest that the clade may have a very long history in that island". The Scottish branch of 284 might be 1,500 years old. So Roger's line may have been in Scotland for more than 1,500 years; and possibly as many as 3,000 years ago. So Roger's family may have descended from the ancient Pict population of Scotland.
The Forgeys do seem to match the description of others assigned to this subclade. The M284 subclade is strongly associated with western Scotland. "The Fergus(s)on in this group show a strong connection with Ayrshire and Dumfriesshire. Sir James Fergusson of Kilkerran wrote: "there is some evidence strongly suggesting that the south-western Fergussons, living in Ayrshire and Dumfriesshire, took their name from Fergus, Prince of Galloway, a much less shadowy personage, who was an important figure in the reigns of David I and Malcolm IV." By less shadowy he was refering to Fergus Mor and the attendant Dalriada genealogy."
My goal now is to find the exact subclade for the Forgey. I really need to verify the Ferguson groups conclusion.


Nan said...

Annette, since I've ordered deep clade tests on my brother's Y we do show a slightly different haplogroup than our known relatives in the Harvey project. None of the letters are different, it's just that ours is much longer. You can tell a predicted haplogroup because it will be in red. Someone that has actually had a deep clade test done will be in green.

Annette said...

Thanks so much Nan! I will check that out. I think the deep clade might give us a more specific origin? Hopefully anyway.