Saturday, November 12, 2011

Comparing Marker Matches so Far

Comparisons so far It sounds like the FT DNA lab was closed for Veterans' Day yesterday; so the rest of Mike's test results have not been posted (I am really anxious to see them!!!). We expect the rest of his results next week.
This is where we are so far. We have a completed test for Roger Forgey representing the Andrew Forgey and Margaret Reynolds line and we have two testers who share a most recent common in 1726 i.e. Samuel Forgey or Forgy. We have completed results for Darren. All three men are confirmed related through DNA testing so far. Roger and Darren share a genetic distance of  2. So they are confirmed to be related. It will be very interesting to see whether the two markers which separate both of them are shared by Mike Forgy? We will then have an idea of when those mutations occurred. After or before 1726? If they happened before then, Roger's line would have shared a common ancestor likely more than 100 year earlier. If the mutation occurred after 1726 they likely shared a common ancestor somewhere around the 1726 era.
It appears that Roger's line experienced fewer mutations in their DNA than Darren's and Mike's lines? I surmise this from the number of matches Roger had with the members of the Ferguson group. Ferguson does seem to be the root name for Forgey. Darren matched some of the same Ferguson group members at a genetic distance of 5. This would mean he is only possibly related to them unless, someone in his line tests closer ( which would mean an extra mutation occurred recently).
Mike Forgy already has a mutation not shared by the others with only 12 markers tested. This mutation occurred after 1726. I am expecting the Fergusons who matched Roger and Darren to resurface again when the rest of Mike's test results come in. 
I've copied all of the match results so far below. Actually Wayne Forgie is also only one marker off Mike at 12 markers (I guess FT DNA only lists those member matches with nearly exact name spellings in this catagory i.e. genetic distance 1. Forgie didn't register as a close spelling?).

Wayne Forgie is also one marker off Mike Forgy.
               Roger Forgey                                             Darren Forgy
    Roger Forgey                          Darren Forgy

       Roger Forgey                                                                                               Darren Forgy had no matches here

        Roger Forgey                                Darren Forgy

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