Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Forgey Autograph Collection and A Forgey is DNA Testing with

New Test Location Brandon Forgey is testing with His father is testing with Family Tree DNA . This is the Maury County, TN Forgey family. It should be interesting to compare their results. None of the Forgeys have tested with Ancestry so far. We'll see what kind of matches they come up with. I believe the Maury County, TN Forgeys are closely related to Alexander Forgey of Tippecanoe, Indiana.
I am always excited to find examples of the handwriting of our early family members. As you can see below everyone had a very distinctive signature. I can always spot Hugh's signature because of the way he forms his H, a very unusual style. I tried to copy his H and it took me a few tries. Everyone had their own distinctive tail loops on the g and y in Forgey, I am not used to writing a cursive F. The F is kind of a tricky and everyone forms it a little differently. When I analyze whether one of the  Forgeys actually signed something I check previous confirmed signatures paying attention to the loop tail and the form of the F. James Forgey's signature is always difficult to read, so his name may sometimes indexed wrong?
My Grandfather Charles Forgey b. 1898

My Great Uncle Cecil Clair Forgey

Archibald Forgey b. abt 1790 of Scott County, Virginia likely son of Hugh

Andrew Forgey Sr. b. 1732 would likely be my several times Great-Grandfather
James Forgey son of Andrew Senior

Hugh Forgey my several times great grandfather son of Andrew Forgey Senior

John Forgey of Hawkins and Shelby Counties, TN
 son of Andrew Jr. (nephew of John of McMinn)

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