Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Timeline Helps Clarify Alexander and Andrew lines

What I've learned from the timeline Going over everything yet again I found still more facts I missed before. In the process of verifying dates I discovered my error regarding James Forgey's year of birth. I was thinking it was 1766, but it was 1764. This bolsters my belief that he was the one who purchased the land warrant in 1788, for the 500 acres on Flat Creek in Knox County, TN. I had some misgivings about such a young man making such a large purchase. Now that I know he was a couple years older I feel more confident.
James Forgey's father Andrew Forgey also owned land on Flat Creek, Knox County, TN. His brother, Hugh, did also. His sister Margaret Roberts lived on Flat Creek too. James was an elder in the Presbyterian Church and may have donated land for Washington Pike Church.
Another thing that came to light was the fact that Alexander Forgey sold his 250 acre share of the 500 acre grant one month after purchasing it. That was in January of 1803. In 1807 he bought it back. He then sold it once and for all in 1815 but continued to live in Knox County until the 1830's.
If my transcription of the 1806 Tax list for Knox County, TN is correct then Alexander and Andrew Forgey were sharing a 321 acre tract on Flat Creek? They were both taxed for the same tract.
It still looks like most of the Forgeys in East Tennessee, early on, were descendants of Andrew Forgey and Margaret Reynolds, with Andrew and Alexander set apart with an unknown relationship to the others.
This should be a good cheat sheet because I could never remember exactly what happened when.
Below you can see my Timeline. You can click on each one to enlarge. Andrew Forgey husband of Margaret Reynolds is 1. Andrew. Andrew Forgey of Maury County is 2. Andrew. 1. Alexander is the older one of Washington County, VA. 2. Alexander is the one who settled in Tippecanoe, IN.

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