Thursday, August 1, 2013

John Owens Sr. Bigamy, Children and Grandchildren?

1764 Report to the Pennsylvania Provincial Council states David is the Son of a long time Indian Trader

I am back to researching my Owens family line. Back to banging my head against the wall trying to separate all the Johns, Georges, and Davids. I didn't do such a good job of recording and documenting my research last year. I'm going back over everything and will add source documentation as I have time.
Where everything stands now is we know that our ancestor James D. Owens is related to John Owens Indian Trader with a 99% probability according to DNA testing. We just don't have the documentation telling us how? The probability that James D. Owens is a direct descendant of John Owens Indian Trader is also around 99%. 
Here are some things we can conclude from the present evidence:
John Owen's Jr's "aged mother"
  • John Owens Sr. was married to an Indian Woman according to the 1756 article in the Pennsylvania Gazette, and the fact that she was daughter of the Half King is supported by the fact he was given a great deal of credit as recorded in John's trading books. 
  • John Owens Sr. was likely married to Judith who is named in a 1781 Tax List
  • John Owens Jr.'s aged mother was living with the family when he made his will April 1781 will I believe John Jr. was born in the late 1740's
  • According to someone making a report to the Provincial Council in Pennsylvania in 1764 David Owens was the son of a long time Indian Trader, and we know from David's, son David Jr., that he was George's half brother
  • Moving to James D. Owens we know he is described as James Owens Jr. in Bracken County, Ky records; which actually means he was a little younger than another James Owens who lived on Turtle Creek. 
    I tend to think James D. Owens is John Jr.'s son because he had a son Vincent and Daughter Hannah
So was John Sr. married to an Indian woman some called Maths and Judith at the same time? He did live in many places, and could have had more than one wife at a time? The fact that George and David were half brother's would suggest this also.
In 1840 David Owens Jr. describes his father David as George's half brother
Here are some family groups based on the records we have:

First Generation

John Owens and Judith/Maths?
  1. Son John Owens Jr. b. abt. 1745 (I base this on the fact John Owen Jr. owned land near John Owens Sr. in the 1760's)
  2. Son David Owens b. abt. 1750
  3. Son George Owens b. abt. 1755?
  4. Daughter Susannah

Second Generation:

John Owens Jr. b. about 1745 and Susannah
Pennsylvania Orphans Court record
  1. David (from will)
  2. John   (from will)
  3. Vincent 
  4. George
  5. Mary
  6. James
David Owens and unknown Jones?
  1. David Owens Jr. abt. 1770? based on 1840 letter
George Owens and Charity Casteel
  1. George
  2. Thomas
  3. George's  Nephew David Jr. names his family


Seth A. H. Owens said...

I was so thrilled to find that letter and sent off for it from Louisville. It proved that David Owens Sr had at least one son, but read he had two, that I believe to be John Owens of Clark County Indiana and David Owens Jr (then Sr) also of Clark County. Two early settlers of Clarksville.


please contact I am a descended tested dna hope we match

Unknown said...

I am related to these people as well. Judith was John's first wife. A separate person from Maths. He may have only had kids with Maths and never actually married her.