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The Bizarre Life of John Urmey

Chancery Case Montgomery County, Ohio the Executors of John Urmey

John's esteemed friend Elizabeth (he did like the ladies) 1846
John Urmey the brother of my ancestor Eve helped me breakdown a brickwall. His wife and illegitimate son contested his will. When this happened the case generally went to Chancery Court where the names of all living heirs, and their relationship to the deceased is documented. I've found even more documents relating to the John Urmey case which I've found very entertaining.
The Urmey family is quite interesting. They appear to have been religious refugees, Anabaptist Mennonites, who first were forced to flee Switzerland due to persecution and later migrated to America. You wouldn't expect that a grandchild in this line would lead a less than admirable life. I don't know what the circumstances he faced were, so perhaps I shouldn't be too harsh.
John Urmey had no legitimate children, but did have one illegitimate son named John Q. Urmey. John Q. was born in 1827. John Sr. was 62 when he died in 1846. Sounds like he married his "esteemed friend", Elizabeth Hipple, as he calls her in his will just before his death, but after he made his will. Since he mentioned her father she must have been quite a bit younger than him.
John's illegitimate son enters into a lawsuit along with Elizabeth Hipple who now expects to receive a greater portion of his estate. The overseers of the Poor in Montgomery County, Ohio also sued for their share. Actually any remaining money after the heirs got their shares was to go to the support of the poor and "fatherless" of Montgomery County, Ohio. That was a nice bequest so he must not have been all that bad. After many year of litigation nothing was left for the poor and fatherless. Much of the money was eaten up by court and lawyers fees.
His behavior however doesn't seem to be in line with the Mennonite teachings of the time. It sounds like John lived off and on with the mother of John Q. for many years and never married her. He divorced his first wife Catherine Passinger in 1828. Probably because she found out about his affair with Sarah Kinsey.

John Q. Urmey called infamed an illegitimate 1848

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