Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wrong Wray!

I had to make a 180 degree turn from yesterday. The reason for this is a Virginia deed book I found at Google books yesterday. I found out from the deeds that Moses Ray Jr. of Amherst and Albemarle did not match my Moses. This Moses continued to live in those areas well past the time when my Moses was known to be living in Bedford then Franklin County. This Moses had a wife named Mary Ann and my Moses' wife's name was Elizabeth. Doing a Google search using this new information I found out this Moses and Mary Ann migrated to Georgia. So most of the trees for this line posted at the Surname DNA project, and other tree sites have the wrong lineage. 
So what is the correct lineage? It would seem that a Benjamin Ray who lived in a Cabin on Magotty Creek as early as 1747 is the likely father of Moses and Joseph. They also appeared with him on tax lists around this time. It's a bit of a mystery why only Joseph appears on tax lists for the area after 1750? It could be that Benjamin Ray was exempt due to age, and they didn't bother to list him? It's probable that Moses Ray was living in the James River area during the 1750's because his son Benjamin was born there? It seems there was some sort of deed which mentioned Moses' with a wife Elizabeth related to land around James River. This may refer to my family?
Since Magotty Creek was located near a Moravian trail the entry about Benjamin "Reh" in a Moravian 1753 Diary was likely a reference to our Benjamin on Magotty Creek? This entry stated he lived off Warrick Road. The Missionary said that the Rays lived in a very Muddy low place near the creek. This Missionary also said the Rays were a friendly couple who gave his traveling party milk. So it would seem that Benjamin lived until 1753. No one has found a will for him.
A will for Joseph Ray was filed in 1767 in Bedford. The will was written in 1766 and mentioned several young children leading me to believe this is a Brother of Moses.
I noticed someone has been trying to make a connection between William Ray who came to America as an indentured servant, or was transported, about 1671 and settled in an area not far from Benjamin Ray. Maybe?
Davis, Bailey Fulton Title The deeds of Amherst County, Virginia, 1761-1807 and Albemarle County, Virginia, 1748-1763 / by Bailey Fulton Davis Pub. Info. Easley, S.C. : Southern Historical Press, c1979

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