Friday, February 10, 2012

Received Knox County, TN Deeds Indexes

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Technology is such a wonderful thing! I emailed the Knox County, TN archives asking for copies of deed index pages for Archibald Fisher and I received them yesterday. Technology sure helps when you live on the west coast and you are researching east coast ancestors. I received 5 pages for Archibald Fisher which included the General Index to Deeds and  WPA Indexes. I had not known before that Archibald's land was located on White's Creek in Grassy Valley. This helps pinpoint the land location. I wondered about the sale of his land. I believed that he and his family migrated to Kentucky about 1797, which is not the case. It seems his son-in-law was a resident of Lincoln County, KY in May of 1797 when he sold his Knox County, TN property. Archibald Fisher purchased 10 acres in June of 1797 so he had not traveled with John Beaird but joined him later. I had read that Archibald sold his property in 1804. He died May 1, 1805 in Randolph County, IL. I found out he sold his land through an agent 12 November 1804. I don't know if he had plans to return? Strange he didn't sell when he left. It was 210 acres on Whites Creek so I know it's the same land he purchased from John Adair in 1794 (actually he purchased 200 acres from John Adair and 10 acres from Thomas Cox on 10 June 1797). I am ordering a copy of the sale deed.

North Carolina Grant Book 1794 to 1796
North Carolina Deeds book 1796-1796
It's a lucky stroke that Fisher and Forgey both begin with F. I was so happy to find Hugh Forgey on the same page as Archibald Fisher. I have been searching for a purchase deed or deeds for Hugh's 250 acres on Flat Creek. I've only been able to find sale deeds. This has stumped me for years. Why no purchase deeds? According to earlier researchers Hugh's land was part of James Forgey's 500 acre land grant. Andrew and Alexander split the 500 acres so I know that isn't true. I am ordering copies of the pages for Hugh in the North Carolina Deed book and Grant book. One of my resolutions for the year is to find the purchase deed, or deeds, for Hugh Forgey's land. It would be nice to meet this goal early in the New Year!

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