Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FT DNA BUSY? Or are they torturing us?

This is the message we received from FT DNA regarding why Craig Forgey's results were delayed

Forget watering boarding When Craig returned his DNA test kit so promptly last November I thought we would get results by late December of early January. I was wrong, it's now February and passed the scheduled return date. As you can see in the message above the holiday sale was very successful; which is good because it gives us new samples to compare with. Although it doesn't make the wait for our results any easier. 
Another factor adding to this slow torture is the fact the results are now trickling in backward. Craig took the 67 marker test. We received the results for markers 61 to 67 on January 26. Today we received the results for markers 38 to 60. They have not posted any of the numbers for the completed tests? No matches either? I suppose they can't provide matches until the first markers are tested? We can't compare with the other Forgey/Forgys yet anyway, because the others have not tested passed the first 37 markers.

We have generally received results for our earlier tests well before the projected return dates. This has been an unusual situation. 
It kind of reminds me of when Illinois was offering free death certificates a few years ago lol (actually it was in 2002).  They were deluged with requests, and quickly stopped the program. I remember calling to ask why it was taking so long to get one lol. I was told there was some kind of AWFUL genealogy fad going on, and they were swamped with requests. I eventually received two different copies for one ancestor free :). Since an inquest was held there were two different copies. So it was worth the wait. 
Oh well, we're getting there. I think?

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