Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ancestry Family Search Chrome Extension

Google Chrome browser extensions were mentioned at RootsTech. As I understood it at least one of them was not available yet? I decided to check to see if I could find extensions for genealogy. I did find a couple, but only one seemed to be useful for me. I don't know whether this one was mentioned at RootsTech? The one I added allows you to search the Family Search site from your Tree. This is what the description says: 
"This extension takes the vital information from an Ancestry Family Tree person page and searches using those details. (An Ancestry subscription is required to view other people’s Ancestry Family Trees.)"
You can narrow your search by event, parents, and spouse. It would be even more helpful if you could narrow further by date. Otherwise it works well and can be time saving.
To get it just click the wrench in the top right corner go to tools, then extensions or this link
Once you have it installed go to your ancestry tree and select a person. A tree will then appear in the address bar near the star. Just click the tree to get your results.
I also got the extension for the screen capture that I heard about at RootsTech. I am just learning how to use it. I generally use my Windows 7 snipping tool, but it doesn't let you copy anything that isn't displayed, i.e you can't scroll down. I generally use FS Capture to copy entire pages. I will see if Google Screen capture is better?


NealMcB said...

Thanks for trying to find the extension. Dave Barney's google+ post on it
confirms (in the comments) that it isn't available yet, and points out the blog where it will be announced ( , and the tool for testing your snippets in the meantime:

Annette said...

Thank you very much for the info Neal! I really appreciate it! Can't wait until it's available. Can't wait to try it out!