Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I know, KNOW!

With graves located in Cow Pastures a search line like the one above would be helpful! But I need to locate the Andrew Forgey land before such a search can take place :D.
Here is what I have found in the records describing the land location:
"DEED BOOK 1, Page 133 Deed from NORTH CAROLINA to ANDREW FORGES, No. 78 For and in consideration of the sum of fifty shillings for every hundred acres paid into the Treasury by Andrew Forges, we have granted to him a tract of land containing four hundred acres, lying on Possum Creek in Stanley Valle, beginning on Hugh Crafford's corner in the north side of the valley. Given under my hand and seal this 23rd day of October 1782."
"I do give and bequeath to my son Andrew Forgey, Junior a part of the tract of land I now live on butted and bounded as followeth: Beginning on the main road opposite a cross fence about half way between where I now live and where my son Andrew lives, then along said fence and to continue the course thereof to the back line of said tract. Then with said line to a chestnut corner of said tract. Then along the line dividing my land from a tract whereon Benoni Coldwell now lives to the old road that is nearest to my son Andrew’s fence. Then with said road to the beginning, including the house and plantation whereon my son Andrew now lives."(From Hawkins County, Tennessee Wills)
"Whereas I had given to my son John Forgey another part of said tract and have made him a right to the same which he has since sold to my son James Forgey and has received payment, and I being anxious to secure the said part to James for the considerations above, I do therefore bequeath to James Forgey the said part which is bounded as followeth: Beginning on the road at the place where Andrew Forgey’s began, opposite the before mentioned cross fence, running the course of the same so as to make a straight line across the valley from one line of the grant to the other, and all the land contained in my grant between said line and the line of the tract whereon Benoni Coldwell now lives, and on the opposite side of the above mentioned road from where my son Andrew now lives, including the improvements made by John Forgey whereon Hugh Forgey now lives."(From Hawkins County, Tennessee Wills)

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